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MCA brings together all actors within the maritime sector to cooperate and innovate. From larger companies to the start-ups, educational and research institutions.

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Bouwplan 01
OCT 14, 2020 in Campus
Building permit
Voor wie is MCA? 02
Energy & energy transition
“Energy and energy transition are an important debate both in the shipping world and for the economy.” – Alexander Saverys CEO of CMB. How do we integrate that on our campus? Find out here!
Waarom MCA
SEP 30, 2020 in Campus
Why MCA?
How did MCA develop? Where in Antwerp will this new hotspot be located?
Wat is MCA 2
What is MCA?
Curious what MCA stands for? Watch this video and find out.
Hoe gaat de site eruitzien
SEP 29, 2020 in Campus
What will the site look like?
Wondering what the campus will look like? Click here and have a look!
De sloop 01
SEP 29, 2020 in Campus
The demolition
Watch the "behind the scenes" video of the demolition with our construction partners Aertssen and DEME.
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What MCA stands for

MCA is a "do" campus and a community where business, technology and knowledge are linked to strengthen and further develop the maritime sector. MCA houses companies ranging from larger corporate companies to the smallest start-ups, educational and research institutions to collaborate and innovate.

Technology and Innovation
Beating heart of maritime Europe
Hotspot of Antwerp

Follow the complete construction of our campus

OCT 14, 2020
Building permit
Bouwplan 01
MAY 05, 2020
Maritime Campus Antwerp (MCA) start of works

Antwerp 05.05.2020 - For the first time in years there is activity on the former BP site situated in the south of the city of Antwerp along the river Scheldt. The demolition and soil clean-up of the old industrial site is the first step towards the new and ambitious Maritime Campus Antwerp (MCA).

MCA will bring together maritime and port-based players from start-ups to corporations. This do-campus will be the centre for innovation extending to the broad maritime and port industry. Here companies, public partners, researchers and start-ups will form a community. The ambition is to strengthen the European and global maritime industry and make it sustainable.

The demolition and soil clean-up works are expected to be completed by the end of this year. The ambition is to start the construction works for the first building phase of about 30.000m² early next year. The ambition is to open in 2023.

“For the moment we have world class ports like the Port of Antwerp and a world class maritime industry in our country. The world is changing fast and competition is also increasing. To maintain our position we need to look and think ahead. I strongly believe in cooperation and innovation as key for these challenges. Joining forces with partners creates scale and by combining know-how and competences will result in R&D and innovative ideas that will help us to respond to new evolutions in the industry. MCA will help us to maintain our current position and even strengthen and expand it.”

Alexander Saverys - CEO of CMB and initiator of MCA

Reslea, the real estate branch of CMB, last year acquired the former BP-site located at the Benzineweg next to the nature reserve ‘Hobokense polder’. The vision of MCA is being translated into an ambitious first building project and masterplan for the entire site. This campus will grow into a do-campus with room for the core businesses of larger maritime corporations, collaboration and collective creation, labs, workshops, a vast range of R&D-facilities, classes and education and supporting services. MCA aims to connect as many qualitative players from the broad maritime industry as possible in one community looking for answers to the maritime challenges of tomorrow; private, education and research, public partners can all take part.

“The idea of co-creation for MCA is also applied to the way we are developing the campus and why we chose an innovative building team formula. We looked for partners who share our vision on MCA and our vision of collective creation. The building team partners are compatible and stable companies that bring the right people to the table.

Because the team will work together for many years to come, the competences, means and mentality were extensively screened. It is exciting to make a change and to see how this will develop into an inspiring campus concept. Also the MCA community will be based on this rather atypical approach.”

Bart Huybrechts - Managing Partner MCA en Reslea

Since last year a building team has been working on the design of the first building and the vision for the development of the site. The building team for MCA is a first because of the very early involvement and the far-reaching collaboration with the architects KCAP and Atelier Romain, contractor Willemen Construct, engineering company Tractebel and smart building specialist Spacewell. The demolition and soil clean-up will be executed by Deme Environmental Contractors (DEC) and Aertssen.