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Voor wie is MCA? 02
Energy & energy transition
“Energy and energy transition are an important debate both in the shipping world and for the economy.” – Alexander Saverys CEO of CMB. How do we integrate that on our campus? Find out here!
Wat is MCA 2
What is MCA?
Curious what MCA stands for? Watch this video and find out.
JULY 06, 2020 in Technology and Innovation
A FIRST: MCA brings Seafar and DEC together to transport soil with new technology implemented in ZONGA, an automated barge!
ANTWERP 06/07/2020 - MCA (Maritime Campus Antwerp) will be located on the former BP site, a brownfield south of Blue Gate. Seafar, specialized in Remote Ship Management, and DEME Environmental Contractors (DEC) today started transporting the polluted soil off the site. ZONGA, an automated 135-metre barge, will be used to perform this for the first time in Europe. It is a scoop that immediately provides clear insights into the future of shipping. This coming period you can see ZONGA sailing by in Antwerp.