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Zomer van Antwerpen
SEPTEMBER 16, 2020 in Community, Campus
'Zomer van Antwerpen' at MCA
Between the 17th and 27th of September 2020, the 'Zomer van Antwerpen' organised the dance performance Donna'Re at the MCA site. Company NOI performed an ode to female energy in a wonderful dance ritual in which movement, music and words merge.
Maritime Campus Antwerp render
AUGUST 13, 2020 in Campus
Sneak preview of Maritime Campus Antwerp
This is a sneak preview of what the MCA site can look like. Special thanks to our partners: KCAP Architects and Planners - Atelier Romain bv - Willemen Construct - TRACTEBEL - SPACEWELL | A Nemetschek Company
JULY 06, 2020 in Technology and Innovation
A FIRST: MCA brings Seafar and DEC together to transport soil with new technology implemented in ZONGA, an automated barge!
ANTWERP 06/07/2020 - MCA (Maritime Campus Antwerp) will be located on the former BP site, a brownfield south of Blue Gate. Seafar, specialized in Remote Ship Management, and DEME Environmental Contractors (DEC) today started transporting the polluted soil off the site. ZONGA, an automated 135-metre barge, will be used to perform this for the first time in Europe. It is a scoop that immediately provides clear insights into the future of shipping. This coming period you can see ZONGA sailing by in Antwerp.
Foto 4 werf
MAY 05, 2020 in Campus
Maritime Campus Antwerp (MCA) start of works
Antwerp 05.05.2020 - For the first time in years there is activity on the former BP site situated in the south of the city of Antwerp along the river Scheldt. The demolition and soil clean-up of the old industrial site is the first step towards the new and ambitious Maritime Campus Antwerp (MCA).