What does MCA stand for?

MCA is a "do" campus and community where business, technology and knowledge are linked to strengthen and develop the maritime sector.

The aim of MCA is to connect entrepreneurs who develop sustainable and water-related businesses. MCA Community is broad and focuses on joining forces between the various actors in the broad maritime sector at European level. In addition, the MCA Campus will become a lively new hotspot of Antwerp with cultural activities and catering establishments.

MCA Campus accommodates organisations ranging from larger companies to start-ups, educational and research institutions to collaborate and innovate. Various facilities are made available for this purpose: ranging from co-working spaces, project spaces to various R&D halls, labs and studios.

Since co-creation is in MCA's DNA, the site is developed according to a real construction team concept in which MCA, architects, contractors, facility managers, engineers and experts work together on a partner basis. Innovation, creativity and sustainability are the drivers here.

MCA transforms an old industrial area into a future-proof, maritime and innovative site with respect for the balance between economic activity and nature. At MCA we transform our sustainably saved energy in quality, hospitality and community.